A New Journey

We found out last night that Jason might be getting a new job in Charlotte, so that would mean we might would have to move. In a way, that’s a good thing but, at the same time it’s a sad thing. This would mean we would have to sell the house and have to go to a new school. I’m a little scared because i would be a new kid at this school and i wouldn’t know anyone. But i’m also happy for him. He would be getting a new job and better money. I just hope that the city is a good place. Yes it’s going to be sad to leave but this is a really good opportunity for us. There’s an airport there so we wouldn’t have to drive as far to the airport to fly to Florida, but i don’t want to leave my friends. I’m going into 7th grade next year. but i won’t know any of these teachers! i make friends very easily, my mom said i make friends every 5 seconds. That means i make friends every time i go into a new grade. Which is very true,but my brother is in high school and a new school would be weird for everyone. But my sister, was the most upset. She doesn’t want to leave her friends ether but she also makes friends easily. She will be in 3rd grade next year. My little brother will be in 1st grade next year an he is just a fun kid i’m not as worried for him. I hope that he gets the job and that we will have fun on our new journey.


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