Home and A New Journey

Me and my brother Noah came home last night from our dads last night. It is very hard for me to come home because we have to wait till Christmas to see him again. while we were there we when to Sea world, Busch Gardens and Adventure Island. My little sister got sick she hurt her nee, her hip she had fevers, and a cough. She couldn’t walk but she is getting better . While we were there we also went to the beach we were there all day it was really fun. For the Fourth Of July we id fireworks at the house. My mom texted me and told me that Jason tok the job. I was happy for him on he outside but on he inside i was really upset. I’m really scared to go to a new school, i’m mad that we have to wear uniforms though. But i know that this year is going to be a fresh start for all of us. My mom did a job interview we don’t know if she got the job yet. I hope things this yea is going to be better. My mom is taking me and Noah to see the new house tomorrow. I will let you know what happens.


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