When you think that the start of summer is going to be like going to the pool and the fun factory and all fun. Not for me…for the first couple of weeks all we have been doing is packing and cleaning all day EVERYDAY! it’s not FUN AT ALL! we have only gone to the pool once and the rest has been packing and cleaning. all my stuff is packed up but next we week we are actually doing something fun we are taking a family vacation to Orlando Florida YAY CAN’T WAIT!! me and Noah are going to be seeing our dad for 6 or 7 weeks. With all this cleaning and packing has been really stressful keeping my room clean everyday is VERY VERY hard for me to do because i like a messy room.I’m also going to be allowed to have my phone at my dad’s I’M BACK SNAPCHAT but anyway i just really want to have a NO PACKING OR CLEANING day so that me and my and my family can just hang out. But i know that’s never going to happen so. I just hope the packing and cleaning will end soon.


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